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For any music submissions, please read the guidelines below and then email

For advertising enquiries, interview requests, any comments, feedback or just to say hi, please email DO NOT send music to this address.

Apart from music submissions, we should generally get back to you within 48 hours so if you haven’t heard a reply, do chase us up as your email may have been lost.

If you’re interested in working for LOZZAMUSIC, please visit our jobs page.

General Music Submissions

Update: (29/08/2014): We are currently NOT accepting unsolicited music submissions. Still feel free to send them through but do not expect any response.

To maximise your chance of getting featured, please include a streaming link (soundcloud, audiomack etc), a couple of high resolution promo photos and album artwork, your artist bio and a bit about the song (the concept, what inspired it, who produced it, what project it’s from etc).

For artists who our audience are not familiar with, we generally DO NOT feature albums, mixtapes and EPs. Instead, please pick the best couple of tracks from your project and submit them (along with a link to the full project).

Due to the large number of submissions we receive, we only get the chance to hear a small proportion of them so if you don’t hear a reply, it’s probably because we haven’t had the chance to listen so feel free to keep submitting any new music as it drops.


If you want to get your music heard and featured, your best option is to run an exclusive with LOZZAMUSIC. If you’re interested in premiering your song, video or project on LOZZAMUSIC, drop an email to and we will reply ASAP.

PR and Marketing Companies

Due to the often detached nature of such companies, preference is usually given to direct submissions from artists and managers.

Before adding us to any mailing lists, please drop us an email to introduce yourself and outline what you can offer us in return for running your stories such as interviews with your artists, access to events, free product, exposure or anything else.