Wyclef Jean – Hip Hop

Now at the age of 43 and having been releasing music since 1993, there’s not a lot that Wyclef hasn’t been right in the thick of when it comes to hip-hop. The former Fugees frontman takes a trip down memory lane in “Hip Hop”, an open love letter to the genre/movement/way of life, reflecting on how much hip-hop has changed over the years when in realty, things only go in cycles and so much of it is more familiar than the world realises.

Paying homage to everyone from KRS-One to French Montana and reflecting on moments of his come up such as appearing as an extra in a Rakim video, this is not only Wyclef’s best song in years but one of the most candid, eye opening things to come out of hip-hop in a very long time, but for all the right reasons. We still love H.E.R…

Rating: ★★★★★

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