Rockie Fresh – Superman OG Lyrics

Maybach Music Group’s next up Rockie Fresh drops the second single from his forthcoming mixtape “Electric Highway”, produced by Lunice of TNGHT. Lyrically, it’s definitely not one of Rockie’s best but the beat by Lunice is crazy so props to him on that!

Expect “Electric Highway” to drop January 21st but in the meantime, check out the MP3 and lyrics for “Superman OG” below and if you’re not familiar with the Chi-town 21 year old, I’d highly recommend checking out his “Driving 88” mixtape right here, which is still one of my favourite rap releases of 2012.

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One of the freshest n****s they seen in a while
Anybody that disagree is just deep in denial
I be making my paper, that sh*t be making me smile
N****s talking Deloreans, they just stealing my style
In 2013 I plan to buy too many cars
I be chilling in the sky, smoking with the stars
I could change your life, shorty, I be going hard
Your n***** save big money like he at minaj
Do better, I know you like my new sweater
Young n****, new cheddar, my team is rich forever
Understand I’m that n****, I be good on the drama
Just give me head, I’m the bomb, more bomb than Israel or Gaza
I Mike Jordan at living, at best you just Pippen
Like a gymnast I’m flipping every digit I’m getting
I don’t give no f***ks, I’m in a league of my own
I have a roll of five and take ’em straight to the dome
I be bringing ho*s home, every night I hit the streets
I’m getting bread and making sure my n**** eat
Get it by the loaf, whether if it’s white or wheat
You n****s Doctor Scholls, y’all about to see defeat
Watch how you walking, watch how you talking
Watch who you say it to, you know these ho*s be stalking
They just trying to listen, bitches on a mission
You see I’m different, look at the whips I’m whipping
Look at this dough I’m getting, look at this way I’m tipping
Look at the countries I’m in, all my n****s trippin
I got the team with me, the whole scene with me
I stand tall, no lean, but brought some green with me
Roll up, we don’t give no f**k
N**** saying his money low, so get your dough up
I could bring my bro up and my sister too
I take care of my fam, so I can’t f*ck with you
I got Steve on the mix, my flow so crack
So Ross be moving them bricks, MMG we the sh*t
You see my wrist it be lit, you see my chain it be lit
You see that I’m blessed, too hot to be depressed
Goddammit I’m fresh, goddammit I’m next
I just get me some neck, then get right back to my cheques
These people all on my d*ck since the big break
Fake fans, they ain’t even got the mixtape
F**k ’em

Rating: ★★★

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