Novel & Elli Ingram: Two Soulful Kendrick Lamar Covers

As with any rap album of its stature, Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d city has received more than its fair share of substandard remixes from everyone from your friendly neighborhood rapper to Lady Gaga and Rick Ross but today, I wanted to share with you two slightly different, but certainly outstanding renditions of two of the album’s signature tracks.

The first comes courtesy of R&B singer/songwriter Novel, who two nights ago took home his first Grammy for his songwriting contributions to Lecrae’s Gravity LP, this year’s winner for Best Gospel Album. Reworking the whole “B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe” record with a bit of help from Justin Kahler, Alex Naylor and Tony Reyes, most notably the guitar sections, Novel has given the song a much more wholesome, jazzy feel. Although the hook is (almost) the only vocal section we get to hear, that perhaps is for the best and adds to the perfect simplicity of the song.

The second comes from Elli Ingram, a British teenager who was pretty much unknown (aside from a feature on Benny Banks’ “Let Me Be“) until her rather special version of “Poetic Justice” hit the net last week. All I’ll say is just press play and enjoy!

Download: Elli Ingram – Poetic Justice [Soundcloud]

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