Mike Posner – The A Team

Continuing with his onslaught of covers and remixes, Mike Posner puts his twist on Ed Sheeran’s “The A Team”, totally flipping it up and giving it an almost reggae feel.

In the self-produced track, Posner reflects on his feelings towards witnessing how his childhood peers lives have panned out whilst he’s hit the heights that he has, starting with “Maria”, a girl from Posner’s highschool days, now turned stripper.

What’s more interesting though is that in the second verse, he goes onto discuss Pat Piff, Posner and Big Sean’s childhood best friend. If you’ve seen Big Sean’s MTV This Is How I Made It episode (which you can watch here), you’ll already know that Pat was the one who taught Big Sean how to rap, was in a rap duo with Big Sean up until the point Sean signed to Kanye and that Sean only signed the deal so that he could be on a platform to bring Pat up with him. Listening to the lyrics of this song, it’s clear that Sean’s good intentions back then couldn’t be further from today’s truth.

Here’s an uncovered song from the trio (Mike Posner, Big Sean & Pat Piff) back in their high school days in 2006, which is certainly a very interesting listen too…

Rating: ★★★★

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