Mike Posner ft. Blackbear – OshFest

New sounds from Mike Posner just won’t stop coming and here’s his latest track “OshFest”, unveiled on his Facebook page last night with the simple caption “I was gonna save this song for my album but I feel like you deserve it now”.

Using his yearly three day trip to his friend Osh’s house in Michigan with his best friends as a marker, Posner and long time collaborator Blackbear reflect on how much certain things have stayed the same since their situation has changed so drastically with the fortune and fame, over a MdL produced beat.  It’s another very solid track from the “Cooler Than Me” singer and with him having released so much new material over the past few weeks, it surely can’t be long now until we hear a new single from “Sky High”!

Download: Mike Posner – OshFest [Soundcloud]

Rating: ★★★

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