Miguel – Candles In The Sun | Official Music Video

There’s not many people that had a bigger 2012 than Miguel, with his sophmore album Kaleidoscope Dream almost single handedly restoring many’s faith in R&B as a whole, of which “Candles In The Sun” was one of the highlights and certainly the deepest track.

With such songs, it’s always a challenge to convey the same depth and levels of emotion in video form without it coming across too cheesy or forced (hense why we rarely see visuals from Miguel’s closest peer/competitor right now, Frank Ocean) but director Sarah McColgan has done a brilliant job on this, with the black and white video revolving around simple but poignant imagery, growing in intensity and bleakness in line with the song’s progression.

Check out the video below and you can download “Candles In The Sun” free of charge as part of Miguel’s “Art Dealer Chic vol. 3” EP over on Datpiff.

Rating: ★★★★★

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