Kid Ink signs to RCA Records

After a hugely successful 2012 which saw the release of his debut album “Up & Away” which sold over 45,000 copies, an endless string of sold out shows across the United States, Europe and Australia and finally, the release of his Rocketshipshawty mixtape in November which racked up over 300,000 downloads, Los Angeles rapper Kid Ink announced last night to Power 106 that he instead of joining with Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group or Diddy’s Bad Boy who previously appeared to be the bidding war’s leading contenders, he will in fact be joining the likes of Usher, Chris Brown, ASAP Rocky and Justin Timberlake on RCA Records.

“We achieved so much last year independently but we just felt it was time to team up with a major in 2013 to take it to the next level and RCA is as excited as we are about the vision and possibilities.” – Kid Ink.

“I’m ecstatic to have someone as multi-talented as Kid Ink, along with the backing of Tha Alumni team with us at RCA Records. We see him not just as an emerging domestic star but as someone whose music and entrepreneurship is already developing a global presence.” – J. Grand, RCA’s Senior Vice President of A&R and Marketing.

“RCA gave us a unique opportunity to join forces with them while still staying true to our fans and what got us here in the first place.” – DJ Ill Will, Tha Alumni Music Group CEO, Kid Ink’s manager & business partner.

Wasting no time, Ink also last night unveiled his first single on RCA, an extended version of “Badass” which first appeared on Rocketshipshawty, now featuring verses from Wale and Meek Mill so no prizes for guessing who else was trying to sign him there!

I can only count the number of artists I can think of who have utilised the internet quite as effectively as Kid Ink on one hand and especially considering how well he has done for himself to date, I can’t wait to see (and hear) what the future holds for him and the whole Alumni Music Group.

Below is my interview where I caught up with the man himself on the London leg of his European tour, speaking on how he first connected with DJ Ill Will to form Tha Alumni, his “ink”, connecting with video director Alex Nazari and groupie encounters, along with a selection of some of his biggest hits to date.

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