Honey Cocaine – He’s The One

Since she first stepped on the scene as Tyga’s leading lady in his Last Kings movement (you could even say that she took a bullet for him), I can’t say that I’ve ever particularly been a fan of Toronto hailing, Cambodia originating Honey Cocaine but when this popped up in my inbox saying it was produced by Midi Mafia (the duo responsible for a large proportion of Frank Ocean’s earlier work), I had to take a listen and definitely was pleasantly surprised!

Sampling the vocals of British singer/songwriter Roxie LS (who I’m tipping very big things for probably in 2014), Ms Cocaine reflects on the suicide of her close friend Freddie E (which was tragically documented in real time on his twitter and which she has widely been blamed for by many of his fans) in what is without a doubt the most personal, genuine song that I’ve heard from her to date.

Rest in peace, Freddy E.

Download: Honey Cocaine – He’s The One

Rating: ★★★

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