Destiny’s Child – Nuclear

With a new greatest hits album due out January 29th titled Love Songs, set to be a compilation of the trio’s most romantic music from 1997 to 2004, Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle have surprised the world with their first collective single in over eight years “Nuclear”.

Produced by Pharrell and written by Michelle herself along with James Fauntleroy and Lonny Bereal, it is only a one off as of now and isn’t an indication of a new album or reunion any longer than one show (that show being the 47th Superbowl) but with a very different trip-hop infused sound, it’s great to hear something new from them that’s still of such a high standard, even if it’s not quite what their fans were expecting.

Love Songs contains recordings from six albums — four of Destiny’s Child’s studio albums, one of Rowland’s albums and one from the group’s remix album:

  1. “Cater 2 U” from 2004′s Destiny Fulfilled
  2. “Killing Time” from 1998′s Destiny’s Child
  3. “Second Nature” from Destiny’s Child
  4. “Heaven” from 2002′ Simply Deep
  5. “Now That She’s Gone” from 1999′s The Writing’s On The Wall
  6. “Brown Eyes” from 2001′s Survivor
  7. “If” from Destiny Fulfilled
  8. “Emotion” from Survivor
  9. “If You Leave” (featuring Next) from The Writing’s On The Wall
  10. “T­Shirt” from Destiny Fulfilled
  11. “Temptation” from The Writing’s On The Wall
  12. “Say My Name” (Timbaland remix) from 2002′s This Is The Remix
  13. “Love” from Destiny Fulfilled
  14. “Nuclear” from 2013′s Love Songs

Rating: ★★★★

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