Claude Kelly on Insecurity in Musicicians

You want the truth?

ALL musicians are insecure. All of us. As confident as the music may sound at times, we are fragile, hyper, emotional beings who have turned to music to silence our own demons, calm our own fears, and find approval through other people’s enjoyment of our art.

For some, it shows itself through shyness and for others, it is masked by arrogance. Nevertheless, it all stems from the same place… insecurity.  Some create alter-egos to make the vulnerability easier on themselves. Some become professional self promoting shit talkers to deflect that they are scared as hell.

Guess what though: insecurity = vulnerability, uncertainty, emotion

and THOSE qualities are what make us amazing artists :) we tell the stories of life, love, loss because we understand it on a deeper level and we want everyone else to feel it as clearly as we do.

So for me, the best i can do is:

  • remind myself everyday that no one can be a better Claude Kelly than me, Claude Kelly
  • keep telling myself that what is meant for me will be for me, and me only.
  • be excited at the idea that everyday is an opportunity to improve, learn and get better
  • realize that not all criticism is constructive, becauase much of it comes from others who need to make themselves feel better by downing me because they too are…INSECURE.

I second-guess myself every step of the way but…
overall, imperfection IS perfection.

Happy Sunday
Claude Kelly

Claude Kelly is a 5 time Grammy nominated songwriter responsible for countless hits from artists such as Bruno Mars, J-Lo, Akon, Britney Spears, Musiq Soulchild, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Ke$ha and many more. You can read his full discography on his website and my favourite song of his, “I Hate Love”, is below.

Source: Claude Kelly’s Tumblr

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