Tyga ft. Dom Kennedy – Crenshaw At Midnight

With Tyga’s “Well Done 3″ now having been out for over a month, I think it’s fair to say that it always was, and still is, terrible.

However, a brand new song has just surfaced that didn’t make the final cut, entitled “Crenshaw At Night”, named after the infamous Los Angeles neighborhood. It features fellow LA rapper Dom Kennedy and it’s a whole lot better than anything else that was on the tape, sounding a lot more like Tyga’s older, more thought out material than his new, post-Rack City sound.

Have a listen below and let me know your thoughts… perhaps the prospect of Tyga returning to his roots and coming back with something that sounds half decent and makes just a little bit of sense isn’t quite as far off as it seemed.

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Rating: ★★★

What do you think?

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