Rudimental ft. Angel Haze – Hell Could Freeze

During her recent visit to London, the world’s hottest female rapper on the come up right now, Angel Haze, got the chance to get in the studio with Hackney quartet Rudimental in what promised to be one of the more interesting musical combinations of the year.

Here is the result and it does not disappoint,  with the pair having found what I’d say would be the perfect sound for Haze’s forthcoming mainstream breakthrough, as it would sound great on the radio whilst maintaining her originality and would appeal to a very diverse range of tastes and niches that would give her that push needed to become a star both sides of the Atlantic. Check it out below and let me know your thoughts!

Rudimental make music that is impossible to dislike and when Angel Haze isn’t just saying b*tch and ni**a every 10 seconds (or in a whole song in this case), she is actually very good!

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Rating: ★★★★

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