Rockie Fresh – Nobody | Official Music Video

With Rockie Fresh’s Driving 88 still being one of my favourite mixtapes of 2012, I’ve been patiently waiting for the release of Electric Highway, his first official project on Rick Ross’ MMG for quite some time and with the tape now having been given an official release date of January 29th, the Chi-town up and comer unveiled the lead single and accompanying visual, Nobody.

Directed by Nick Castle, it’s easily Rockie’s best video to date and although the song is slightly different to anything he’s done before, it is still very recognisable as his and definitely marks a maturing in style. It’s a relief to also hear that he’s kept the production in house with his own producer PeeZy, rather than opting for a more signature MMG sound.

2013 will be the year of Rockie Fresh, I have no doubt.

Download: Rockie Fresh – Nobody.mp3 | Rockie Fresh – Driving 88 (Mixtape)

Rating: ★★★★

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    I had to do a shout out here. I’m in Vietnam at the moment, volunteering, and so my music knowledge has been very limited. I’d never heard of Rockie Fresh before. But as soon as i heard this song i downloaded his mixtape and i love it. Where I Wanna Be is a stand out for me. Shout out to Lozza to reintroducing me to great music again.

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