R3venge Of The Nerds – Just Wanna Live | Official Music Video

There are very few upcoming R&B acts right now who’s music I’m genuinely excited about but Californian 3 piece R3venge Of The Nerds are breaking that mould right now, with each of their releases sounding totally different from each other, and totally different from anything that anyone else is putting out right now!

Here’s the collective’s brand new video, Just Wanna Live, taken from their upcoming project titled R.O.T.N which currently has no release date but will be up here on LozzaMusic as soon as it drops! The track takes an alternative approach to drugs, girls and today’s youth culture giving off a very trippy, yet smooth vibe that as I said, sounds nothing like what anybody else is doing right now.

Check out the video below and if this is your first time hearing the group, be sure to check out their last single Amber Rose, right here too.

Rating: ★★★★

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    Dope! These guys are gonna blow-up.. keep putting out hit records for the fans. #support

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