Nitty Scott MC – Planes, Trains & Automobiles | Official Music Video

Sometimes, the best videos are the unplanned, most natural and most real ones, which is certainly the case here, as Nitty Scott travels the streets of London and Oslo by public transport, breathing a whole new life into the track and giving a real sense of her living out her dream, which is always great to see.

“Today I realized that there’s really nothing glamorous about jet lag and Airborne for breakfast. Or forgetting your foreign outlet converter. Or a bed that’s not really yours. But somewhere in-between highways, I still felt the freedom in all of it. On the road, it’s like everywhere is different, but exactly the same. They don’t all speak English, but they do speak hip-hop. So today I’ll settle in, and tomorrow, I’ll pack, all because of my music. I’m sure I’ll meet a lot of people along the way, even myself.”

Rating: ★★★

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