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Running a site like this, I’d imagine that it’s quite clear that I have a huge love for music. As cheesy as it sounds, if you are reading this then there’s a high chance that you can relate – whenever that love starts to fade, it in regained and reinforced by the moments where the music just takes you to a whole different place and for a very brief period, you feel at one with life, or the world.

Aside from everyone’s personal stories and emotions, it’s the times where that same power is translated into the wider world that are really cannot be explained by human logic, a perfect example being the night of Christmas Eve, 24th December 1914, where one of the most treacherous events in world history stopped for one night, all down to the power of music.

It was in the thick of WW1 in the trenches of Ypres, Belgium when the German troops decided attempt to bring some Christmas spirit to such horrific surroundings by placing candles on their trenches and singing Christmas carols. The British soon heard the sound and instead of commencing fire, responded by singing carols of their own, which lead to the two sides shouting Christmas greetings to one another and soon thereafter, an unofficial truce was called. Both sides ventured across “No Man’s Land”, exchanging small gifts such as food, alcohol and souvenirs and being that it was the night before Christmas, joint services were even held. The artillery in the region fell silent throughout the night and the truce continued into the evening of December 25th.

With Logitech UE placing a strong focus on the power of music in their new products in a technological sense, from cordless headphones to smart radios and wireless speakers, they decided to embrace the other, much more abstract, side of the power of music in their brand new campaign by recreating the breathtaking events of 24th December 1914, that you can see by pressing play on the short film above.

“Music has the power to stop wars and change the world, so it deserves to be heard in all its glory.”

What does music mean to you?

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