Loick Essien – Ancient

Having performed it live multiple times dating as far back as 2010, Loick Essien has finally unvieled the studio version of “Ancient” and it does not disappoint. It’s a mid tempo R&B/pop break up song produced by Naughty Boy and written by Eric Dawkins of The Underdogs, with Loick’s vocal prowess still shining through even with the scatterings of autotune.

I’m not quite sure what Loick’s situation is right now and what we can be expecting from him in the future, having parted ways with Sony earlier this year just weeks before his scheduled album release, but with the majority of his songs being written and produced by such high profile names, I can’t imagine it would be viable or even possible to put out the album independently.

However, I really do hope something materialises before its too late as he was one of the most talented new names in UK pop of the last few years and one of the very few people left consistently putting out good, commercially appealing R&B. Check out “Ancient” below and if you like what you’re hearing, click here for more Loick Essien music from the past year or so!

Rating: ★★★★

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