Lil Wayne ft. Future & Drake – Good Kush & Alcohol

Not much beats an (almost) acapella Future croon but sadly from there, this goes downhill rapidly. “Good Kush & Alcohol” is the third single from Weezy’s 10th studio album I Am Not A Human Being II (which hits stores February 19th), and was crafted by Future’s in house producer and one of hip-hop’s hottest newcomers of 2012, Mike Will Made It, who revealed to Complex magazine exactly how the song pieced together:

“We were working on this one record that Khaled couldn’t use, and it ended up having Future and Drake on the hook. I ended up giving that same record to Lil Wayne.

“Drake was on the “Club Paradise Tour” and he came to Atlanta. He fucks with me and Future, obviously “No Lie” and Future’s “Tony Montana.” He came to the studio with us, and we were in the studio and they were like, ‘You got the beats?’ I pulled up some beats, and I was like, ‘Drake, I have this beat with Future, I haven’t let you hear this beat before. I feel like this is the one ya’ll need to do together. This is the one, trust me.’

“It’s the feeling of the beat. I can’t really explain my ear, but my ear is ill. What you’ve got to understand about production is the voice is an instrument. I only bring certain beats to certain artists. I felt like that would be the one because Future would sound crazy on it and I knew Drake would sound crazy on it. I was like, ‘This is the one.’ Me and Future were over there doing what we do and he was letting me hear different melodies. I’m like, ‘Yo, that melody is crazy. It’s like the Mockingbird melody. That shit can get stuck in people’s head.’

“I took that, and I was like, ‘Drake, come listen to this right quick.’ Drake came over there, he was listening to what Future was saying and he was like, ‘Yeah man, you should come back, and after that, you should say this.’ I was like, ‘No, Future, you say what you were saying. Drake, you go in there and say it how you feel.’ And then that will be the hook.”

While listening to the track, go ahead and visit so you can ball out like Lil Wayne.

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Rating: ★★★

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