Jhene Aiko – 3:16AM | Official Music Video

After first uploading the teaser video four months back, Jhene Aiko finally drops the full video for what’s looking as if it’ll be her debut Def Jam single, 3:16AM, and I think it’s fair to say that it’s her best video to date! As with every song she makes, the track amazing too but really, that goes without saying.

Here’s what Jhene had to say about the song when I interviewed her earlier this year:

3:16, the song I did a teaser for, that song’s pretty deep. It’s about addiction, not just drugs, addiction to anything that you go to when you’re in your darkest place and I think everyone can relate to that. We’ve all been to hell and back and that’s pretty much what 3:16 is all about: going to hell and back.

You check out full interview here, it’s the best interview I’ve ever done and the best interview she’s ever done so do have a read and the music video is below!

Rating: ★★★★★

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