Jessie Ware – Sweet Talk

When I first heard Jessie Ware, I liked her. I was a bit suspicious though that she could just turn out to be a hipster, indie, alternative, whatever type singer that put out hipster, indie, alternative type things to be cool with hipster, indie, alternative, whatever fans who listened just to seem cool to their hipster, indie, alternative tumblr friends.

However, I was totally wrong. After hearing this, I love her.

It’s the latest single from her debut album Devotion (which you can pre-order signed copies of right here) and really is the perfect of the 80s, 2012, everything which is cool right now and everything that is just always cool, and timeless. This is how pop music should sound.

Devotion is due for release on 20th August.

Rating: ★★★★★

What do you think?

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