DJ Fresh ft. RaVaughn – The Feeling | Official Music Video

I’ve had my eye on Ne-Yo’s Compound protégé RaVaughn Brown for quite a while now and although she’s always been one to keep a low profile, that’s all changing with the release of a brand new EP and a totally contrasting feature on DJ Fresh’s new single both coming in the space of just days!

Her voice is almost unrecognisable from her usual R&B but it does the job exactly how it should and yet again proves that DJ Fresh is incapable of making anything less than a banger! I don’t think it’s quite enough to become his third number one but it should definitely be another top 10 and now 5 singles in, surely it’ll be enough to finally make way for the album.

Check out the video below, shot on the streets of Tokyo, and tickets are on sale now for his countywide tour which you can buy here.

Rating: ★★★★

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