Big Boi ft. Little Dragon – Mama Told Me (Original Version)

Having premiered the track in a performance along with Little Dragon at Fader Uncapped back in September, many fans were left disappointed when the Swedish electro band were replaced by Kelly Rowland on the final version of Big Boi’s Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors lead single but thanks to the song’s producers, The Flush, we now have the original Little Dragon assisted version in its full glory, which sounds equally as great, minus the “mama told me” lines in the chorus!

When questioned by FADER about the switch up of vocalists, Big Boi revealed that rather than a marketing move as many had suspected, it was all down to contractual disputes and the only way he could get the song out at the time was to take Little Dragon off:

Peacefrog? Unpeaceful. Little Dragon were still under contract with Peacefrog when we recorded. When they left that label and went to Universal I guess there was some bad blood going on between them two. So I guess Peacefrog felt like this was the last Little Dragon check they were gonna get. So they come in to my song that was already done and try to hijack my whole song. And I’m like, Helllll no. Wait a fucking minute! This shit is unheard of. They trying to rape me for my record that I already have. I still have that version though. You know me, I love the fans. Don’t try to tell me I can’t put it out. You know how shit leak around.

Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors, Big Boi’s second solo album, drops on December 11th and will feature two other Little Dragon collaborations, entitled Thom Pettie and Descending.

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Rating: ★★★★

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